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Viewing Classic cars separately on Time Trials Leaderboard


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I have a suggestion regarding Classic cars in Time Trial. It would be nice to be able to view the top times for each car from each track. It would mostly help with finding a good setup. For example, this weeks Event is Mexico GP with Classic cars. All top times into the thousands are done with the 2004 Ferrari. The fastest car offered for the event is the 1998 McLaren. Instead of being forced to scroll through the Leaderboard until the desired car is located, it would be much better to have the option to choose which car you'd like to view times of, and have all the times and setups used from that specific car available in the blink of an eye. I'm horrible at creating my own setups and I mostly rely on others that know what they're doing. Finding one sometimes on a Leaderboard of 30,000 players can be tough if it's not the fastest car. The 2004 Ferrari is mostly the fastest car for each track. If I'm looking for a setup for the 1998 McLaren on a track where the 2004 Ferrari is clearly the fastest car, it can be tough and time consuming to find. It would be nice to see that option in future games.

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