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any plans to fix the co-driver calls?

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hello everyone!

does anyone know if codemasters plans to fix the co-driver calls at some point?

many, many stages have late calls (even when you set him to call it early) and many, many stages have wrong calls.

if i made a report with the exact places that need fixing... would that be of help?

some stages are really unplayable at high level competition, unless you don't need the co-driver at all for orientation.

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Hi there.

Co-driver calls were adjusted a few times over the past few updates however we're at the point now where the game is no longer expected to be updated, and the dev team is now focused on future projects. The feedback on co-driver calls from DiRT Rally 2.0 players has been of great value however and I am sure it'll have an effect on whatever they are working on next.

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