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Dirt 3 deleted multi mode?

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I tried to recall outbreak settings, I saved a few months ago.
In the track select menu 2 new options appeared:
-staggered starts
-collisions on/off

1st round of 5 was normal outbreak.
2nd was very weird - the HUD was just like in Rally Cross. The map on top showed a small loop on the Battersea Parking lot. Finish was only was a few meters after start (the progress bar on the left showed, everyone is starting almost at finish).
After 3rd round everyone got a kick (even me, the host).

One more thing. I noticed a diffrent sing on the result screen. There was STAGGERED  instead of OUTBREAK.

Don't know what it is.

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It is a bug, it happens sometimes, and you can just make a new session. Probably caused by mods

Yeah, mods on Xbox 360.

I know it is a bug. This thing is still interesting. The map is very accurate. It shows the track around Parking Lot and the big sandramp is grey on this map.
Why is there such a thing?

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@Blabam11 There isn't grey sandramp on pc, only the normal Battersea & a map which seems to be some Speedrun stage.

I have no answer why such a thing happens though 


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