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Your Logitech G29 settings

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Hi All,

Just curious to see everyone's G29 calibration settings & wheel degrees.

Trying to optimise or just give up and buy a fanatec ha.

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Vibration and force feedback strength 100

On Track Effects 0

Rumble strip effects 10

Off track effects 10

Wheel damper 5

Understeer enhance ON

Maximum wheel rotation 360°

Under the Calibration category, everything is 0 except for throttle saturation which is 7 and brake dead zone which is 5. Reason being my throttle started to not max out due to the crappy pedal set getting dusty and the sensors being thrown off so I adjusted it to not have that problem again. Works great now and no issues at not being at 100 percent throttle when pedal is fully depressed. Same for the brake. The last set I had, the brake got dusty and started breaking on its own. Having the brake not engage right away by setting the dead zone to 5 covered off that issue as well. 

My advice is get a Fanatec lol. I want the Esports set. The G29 is great but it lacks in longevity and inner craftsmanship. Outer design is great but too many potential problems arise from alot of use 


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