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Logitech G29/G920 Accelerator issue


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Even though the two new Logitech wheels are not yet fully supported in Dirt Rally, everything including force feedback works on them. The menu buttons are a bit muddled up, but not a huge loss there.

However there is one exception to this: it is impossible to map anything to the accelerator axis on the new wheel. The brake and clutch can be assigned, but the game completely ignores the accelerator axis.

After looking into it, it seems as if the game has no knowledge of slider axes, such as slider_0 which is the accelerator input on the new Logitech wheels.

F1 2015, and hell, all the other older engine Ego engine Codies games can all see slider_0 input, but Dirt Rally seems to be all alone with this issue.

I can understand that these wheels won't have many people using them, but I figured it was worth a mention as it's hopefully a quick fix. :)
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OzoreXS said:
Did you tried to set up pedals in both "combined" and "separated" modes?
(dunno if this is possible with profiler in this model...)
Nah it's not possible with the profiler for the new Logitech wheels. The only thing you can change is degrees of rotation right now which is quite annoying!
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The new update has corrected this issue, so thanks. :)

However I would advise in future updates to correct the newly added Logitech G29 preset, as it seems to have been copy-pasted from the G27 preset...and well, that won't work well on the G29. In fact the G29 won't be recognised right now anyway as it is not mentioned in the devicesetup_v2.xml file in the forcefeedback folder at all. A similar situation would occur if you do this for whenever you include official G920 support as well.

While you can always create a custom control set to fix things on the road, the buttons in the menus won't ever work unless the actionmap files are changed.

Here are my own adjusted actionmap files that enable a G920 default profile while also improving the current G29 default profile: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dwzxgkj9ux64rw5/Dirt%20Rally%20Logitech%20wheel%20correction.zip?dl=0

Hopefully these can help and/or be used in Dirt Rally in the future. The G29 profile is purely guesswork as I'm using a G920 at this point (I occasionally write game/hardware reviews and was sent one early by Logitech for review purposes) so some input assignments may need adjusting, but it should at the very least correct any menu and replay navigation problems for both wheels. :)
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I got this problem! And this thread is the closest I can get to a solution so far. I've tried the actionmap files you mentioned but Dirt Rally (and my PC) still ignores the axis on every pedal. 
Please help! :disappointed: 
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