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Another update and nothing useful fixed

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The last F1 game I bought was 2012, but gave up due to bugs and growing bored of F1 anyway. However I figured they may have advanced 8yrs later, and I wanted the Schumacher and other classic cars so bought 2020.

How wrong could I be? The penalties are a joke, handed to the wrong cars. The safety car is/has been broken since it's appearance I am learning, and seemingly not high on the priority list.  CM have no idea of real life track limits, and no replays so league admins and players have to rely on shared footage to correct the games failings.

Needless to say I won't be bothering with '21 and beyond.

On the bright side for remaining players, at least that hole in the barrier at Spa was fixed, and a couple of driver performance tweaks made 💪

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I stopped buying F1 this year after being so disappointed during the last years, I will buy it again when a complete change will have been done for set ups, FFB and multiplayer then probably when codemaster will be replaced, they sell the same game each year, I don t play with my team or such stupid things, now I play GTS which has a fantastic multiplayer with plenty of championships organised

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