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Dirt 2.0 and Violet Montecarlo Tracks bug

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Hi there. As you can see in THIS VIDEO, I have SERIOUS problems with violet lights in montecarlo while i'm playing alone the online personalized championship. After this problem happens with three different tracks, i decided to reboot the game and suddently this problem won't happen again. It's really frustrating becaus it could happen while I'm playing a championship online, so I'm really worried about that!
As you can see in the video, the problems seems like into the game engine, because also on replays the images are violet like during the race. This problem is recorded first with Windows Game Bar and later also with Radeon ReLive with another track with darker scenario (intresting to see at 4:41 what happens when I turned on and off the lights). 
This is DiRT 2.0 Game Of The Year edition buyied on Steam (automatically updated to leatest version now available) with this setup:
Ryzen 5 3600
Aourus Elite x570
32Gb Ballistix elite 3200Mhz
Sapphire Radeon RX580 8Gb Pulse with 20.11.2 Drivers
Windows 10 Education 2004 x64

DiRT 2.0 violet lights bug in Monte Carlo - YouTube


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I have recently ridden all 12 stages MC several times, both SP and online championship.

Setting the details to high and purple color was never seen.

I use an Nvidia graphics card and the latest drivers, I will definitely ask friends with AMD graphics.



One DRII community friend plays on the RX 5700 driver v 20.11.1 graphics card without flags.

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