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2021 WERC Tarmac & Gravel Championships

WERC - Esports League

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2021 WERC Tarmac & Gravel Championships


How to sign-up:



Important dates Open Date/Time (UTC) Close Date/Time (UTC)
Sign-Up 17/01/2021 – 00:00 31/01/2021 – 23:59
Publication list of participants 01/02/2021
Location Tarmac Location Gravel Open Date/Time (UTC) Close Date/Time (UTC)
MONTE-CARLO* ARGENTINA 02/02/2021 – 00:00 08/02/2021 – 23:59
SPAIN NEW ZEALAND 16/02/2021 – 00:00 22/02/2021 – 23:59
GERMANY* USA 02/03/2021 – 00:00 08/03/2021 – 23:59

*DLC necessary for this rallies

Winners of the series might be promoted to a better category/division for the main season and invited to WERC Race Of Champions (WEROC).

General Information

***All this info can be find in the Rulebook of the championship.

2021 WERC Tarmac & Gravel Championship consist in:
– 3 rallies with 6 stages each one.
– 1 category/car: Ford Fiesta R5 MKII.
– Every round will be opened for 7 days (starting Tuesdays at 00:00h and finishing at 23:59h UTC on Mondays).
– Standings available in WERC website 7 days after the end of every rally.
– It is a multi-platform championship (PSN, Steam and XBOX).

Stages conditions over several days with varying weather conditions. Weather conditions extracted from weather forecast 1 week before every event. There is also a Power Stage as 6th stage. Each rally includes a shakedown to test your car settings.

A total number of 3 rallies for each tournament of a unique and competitive experience.

Team Championship

WERC Tarmac & Gravel Team Championships allows the registration of official teams.

Team Requirements

The following are the rules which all teams have to follow:

Article 1.6.1  Minimum number of members of the team is 1 driver.

Article 1.6.2  Maximum number of 3 drivers.

Article 1.6.3 – Only the first 2 drivers of a team in each rally and each division will get points for the WERC Tarmac & Gravel Rally Team Championships.

Annex 1: Shortcuts and cutting corners

Drivers have to send us their videos of 1 stage after every rally, the Power Stage (last stage of the rally). The videos can be sent by a link to any platform (for example, Youtube, Twitch, etc) in the specific channel of our WERC Discord.

Video is mandatory if you finish in Top 5. In addition, 1-5 drivers might be chosen randomly after every rally. If the video has not been sent the driver will have a penalty.

Stage’s videos have to be sent before 48h after the end of the rally, i.e, from Wednesdays at 00:00h UTC to Thursdays at 23:59h UTC.

2 wheels must be inside track limits all the time, unless the default co-driver says “cut”, then you can cut 1 car width.

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