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Prove to us you don’t rig races Codemasters

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So sick of getting beaten by algorithms. Time penalties for corners that aren’t cut. Your opponent going passed you like your stood still when your doing 209 mph. Bots that slow down so much you can’t avoid them. Opponents you can’t catch on a long straight say Hanoi, then you look at the pi after the race the balance is the same but you have over 1000 pi higher. Been thrown in the air in Spain. Inconsistent pentalties some over 10 seconds. Races with the same opponent 3 times in a row where you win all of them and their cup score goes up. Codemasters you are a bunch of money grabbing cheats. MAKE IT FAIR. 
At least half of my races are like this. I’ve had my score up to 8500 months ago on a much lower pi. On the last reset went down to 3500 got up to 5050 then loss after loss after loss due to algorithms. Now at 4600 can’t not get past 4700 because of all of the above.  I haven’t beaten a PB in at least 6 months because of updates that have slowed cars or changes in physics. When my last PB at Spa with a pi of around 1600 was set it was 1:40:227 with a top speed of 216. Now I can’t get within a second of that and my top speed is 209 my Pi is 2184 with a balanced set up. Please tell me your thoughts forum people.   

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