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**** Weekly Event successful but all points categories show "0" *****

Due to the time lapsed since the last mention of this bug (that I could find), this is a NEW THREAD on an apparently recurring bug. One which, as far as I can tell but correct me if I'm wrong, has yet to be addressed at all much less corrected for any of those whom have experienced it.   

  • Upon successfully passing the objective of the 'Weekly Event' (This week's being to finish in 6th+ place @ France with Riccardo - Renault), my points total is displayed as '0' as well as '-' on the leaderboard banner
  •  PS4
  • F1 2019 ver 1.22
  • Weekly Event
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • The problem has occurred every time that I have been successful  in completing the challenge. Now 9 times.
  • As above, by completing the challenge objective.
  • No report code available.
  • No video but a screenshot of the leaderboard banner is attached. You'll have to take my word for it regarding the successful attempts.

I feel as though I am waisting my time by reporting this. In that from what I've seen, I can expect nothing to done on the matter. Perhaps by my being one more victim of this frustrating bug who has chosen to, albeit against his better judgement, go ahead with a 'Bug Report' then enough light will have been shed on this issue to finally affect some kind of fix for it. If not a fix, then some reparation or at the very least, correspondence!

Last known thread: 





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Forgot reference thread.

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I've asked for this to be moved to the correct game forum, unless it is actually an F1 2020 bug, you have referenced F1 2019 in your report.

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