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2014 Austrian Grand Prix

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yugin96 said:
Lol, Hamilton's such a sore loser. "Nah, I'm okay," no, you're most certainly not okay, why hide it?
Because when he doesn't hide it, he still gets the exact same reaction as yours. Blind criticism :p
Ok, firstly, this is probably only the second time ever I'm criticising Hamilton for something like this (the first was Monaco). Secondly, Hamilton obviously isn't 'okay' after qualifying P9 in a car that could've taken P1, and denying it with a short, curt answer is flat out lying. Something like 'of course, I'm disappointed' woudl've been far more believable.
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yugin96 said:
Rosberg had to slow for Hamilton's yellow flags! Is that why he's so grumpy?

not as pissed off as Hamilton was in Monaco mind
The difference is that Lewis wasn't on P1 when he spun. Cough.
no but he may have stopped Rosberg taking it by causing the yellow flags
Which do you think Lewis would've preferred, him in P3-4 and Rosberg on P1 or him in P9-10 and Rosberg in P3?
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