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Pass series 4, what is that?


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The next series in Podium-Pass shop is out with new stuff. For me, the new designs looks terrible and where are the specials like classic clothes and liveries we wanted?

And the level is reset to Zero, AGAIN. What the hell you doing CM, is it so difficult to order all levels in a row, no why spend to many time in that, it´s easier to overwrite a older Series with the new one. No big deal to let all series in there, S1 Level 0-30, S2 L31-60, S3 L61-90, S4 L91-120 and and and

I think it´s better to cancel this from F1, also this money making coins-system. No need for Premium-Pass evermore.

Back to the Days where Players unlocked stuff or gain ingame-bonus, when they complete Challenges or reach a certain Point in a Game-Mode.

For example. Sign a Contract for a diferent Team - unlock team livery; win in Silverstone - unlock Mansells 92 car and livery, 2 championship in row - 94 or 95 benetton, Carrer/my team event - select optional in your week schedule classic events to unlock classic tracks, reaching higher facility level unlock better crew-memebers to hire,                                        reach acclaim level 5 - unlock level 2 sponsors, etc.

Players must complete or reach different goals (no exaggerated goals) to get a career bonus or unlocked certain stuff.



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It's not going to be changed. I agree the content could be better, but to make a susbstantial 'grind' for those that enjoy it, they have to come up with *something*.

And then, as much as you grind, there are people that will want to pay to 'skip' and that is cold, hard currency. CM is a business.

You both just need to not bother with it, as I don't. The only lasting appeal of this game is online for me, the other is the career mode (for others) and the My Team twist is about enough to keep people's interest. The fact it is a buggy mess is something else entirely.

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