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PVP Rallycross Test Sign Up


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or well guess i am to late, never saw the post dam. i can test 24/7 all week every week apart from tomorrow morning food shopping need cookies lol
pc spec
CPU i7 4790k
GPU GTX 780Ti oc
Gigabyte Z97 Gaming 7 m-board
Corsair 16GB Ram
H80i water cooler Corsair
R.A.T 7 Mouse
Corsair Raptor K50 Keyboard
Acer G277HU 27" screen

net speed 20mb up load 80mb download, not the best but ok for me living in the sticks

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Would LOVE to help.

All yours all Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Too bad i work until 11pm in Sweden on Wednesday and Thursday, but ill stay up and race until 04-05am.   =)

My specs:

i7 3770@4.2



New 144Hz G-sync 27" Acer monitor

Logitech G27 on the playseat   =)

Never had any problems with Dirt Rally, Always worked very good, and the Rallycross is AWESOME. Cant wait to race with my friends and others in online multiplayer   =)

email: tony.rosn@telia.com

Steamname: J Knoxville

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Great Job, but I notice when the car jump in RX races and land in two wheels in a position that it must overturn (no way to recover it), it doesn't, A strange force apears and holds the car in the air.
Maybe a physic engine detail.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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