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HI I ve been  playing all the codmasters racing games since Colin McRae Series it will be an honor to participate in the development of the most amazing game ever made for the series (both the CMR and DiRT)
 I am available any time,thanks in advance:::
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Count me in any time over the weekends and also after 20:00 weekdays :)

Running a pretty good spec AMD rig.
2 Samsung 256GB 850 Pro SSD's in RAID0
2TB storage drive
AMD 9590 @ 5GHz with Corsair H105 Hybrid cooler
Asus Sabretooth Rev 2.0
16GB 2133MHz DDR3 corsair Vengence.
1250W OCZ gold PSU
2, Sapphire 8GB R9 290X's with Arctic Accelero Hybrid 120 GPU coolers, in Eyefinity @ 5888x1080

The game needs work guys as it's got serious "fisheye" problems in eyefinity atm and also stretching at the very bottom of both outer monitors grrrr, still playable but annoying nonetheless

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Arguriou said:
Lydden Hill, England - Clubman Circuit

Fastest Lap: 00:30.483
Race Time: 02:10:096
AI Very Hard

And you think thats fast? LOL , sir, LOL

The AI is like running against a snail... Thats not a reference and, of course, not a rival.

And that time, just try to do that 10 seconds faster. then we can keep talking about.

See ya
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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