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Game Audio Is Crackling (Bug report)

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I have been having this issue since patch 0.4 I believe it was, The games audio starts to crackle really badly (mainly the co-drivers voice and the engine sound) making it almost impossible to hear the notes, it happens across stages in each country but when I am playing a stage in wales it seems to happen at some point during every stage, it does not seem to matter what car I am using. It sometimes happens at the start of a stage & then seems to fix it'self shortly into the stage, other times it's fine at the start and happens mid stage & stays happening until the end of the stage.

system spec

HP Envy j17z laptop

Intel i7-4710mq @250GHz 

64 bit operating system

12gb ram

1TB ssd

Nvidia GeForce 840m (running on low settings)

PS. my friend is also having this same exact problem and he is on a home PC unfortunately I do not have his specs though :-(

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Sorry for the delay, considering it was a sound problem I probably should of included that the first time eh :-)

The sound driver is an : IDT High Definition Audio Codec

Version: 6.10.6491.0  (it says this is the latest version when I tried to update)

As I have only a laptop to play the game I am always outputting through HDMI to my TV for a bigger screen, So last night I instead tried just using the audio on the laptop and the problem remains

Fferm Went reverse is the stage I drove ( it happens everytime on this stage approx. 25-30sec into the stage) the car I was using was the 1960s mini although it does not seem to matter which car I use.

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not sure but on greece sound like there is like a drum sound when talking sounds like he is talking i a drum,
for sure that was not there before the small update
pc spec
CPU i7 4790k
GPU GTX 780Ti oc
Gigabyte Z97 Gaming 7 m-board
Corsair 16GB Ram
H80i water cooler Corsair
R.A.T 7 Mouse
Corsair Raptor K50 Keyboard
Acer G277HU 27" screen

Bench Test
total frames 131.33
avg fps 70.81
min fps 59.63
max fps 86.48

pc running on ultra settings

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Might be a different issue mine is just a loud crackle, it's almost like when you have a really bad line when speaking to someone on the phone.

lets say the co-driver is saying "five left over crest into six right"

well what I would hear would be "fi__ le__ __er cr___ __to _ix __ght" with a loud crackling/tearing noise where the rest of the words should be.

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I have a laptop and a desktop. This happens only in my laptop that has lower specs. The engine and co-driver sounds tear whenever I do a powerslide. What puzzles me is that the frame rate is good, it looks like the computer can cope with it
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