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T300 F1 add on Set up (Not for Mario Karting View )


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Not saying that it is the best, Its just here if you want to try it . " For the DRIVERS  ' this is a set up for COCKPIT users who want a proper F1 Experience not Mario Karting

Suitable for Noob or recent starters with the T300 wheel base and the F1 add on wheel , The Rotation of the wheel needs to be Set to 360 degrees on the wheel base by pressing and holding the mode button that is situated on the front panel left lower side while at exactly the same moment you need to move the left hand floppy thumb stick ( at the lower part of the face on the wheels controls panel )  to the right once and then release both buttons together and the light near the mode button will flash a RED light one or more times  , there are five different degrees of rotation to select this way and the one you need is 2 FLASHES of the  RED light .

For this set up to work you also need to find and make a firm foam rubber or medium firm rubber cube (A  couple of pencil rubber blocks stuck together with super glue  would work) or half a ball ( what I use ) of a suitable size that will fit in the space behind the brake pedal of the standard 2 pedal thrust master kit  and there needs  to be a gap between this rubber pad and the pedal arm of approx. 10mm ,this is now you maximum 100% brake zone for calibration and works as that in all the best driving games available on PS4 and when you put in a decent setup of the pedal in the games setup menu this brake pedal with the rubber that stops it moving so much as standard works very well.as it is more like an actual hydraulic operated one.

Settings , Controls/Vibrations & Forcefeedback

Generic Settings: MFD car setup panel =default    ERS overtake mode = Hold

Custom control scheme: Next camera = unassigned  , Look left  < thumb stick , Look Right > thumb stick , Replay/Flash back = unassigned , Activate/deactivate DRS = O circle button

Pit Limiter = R2 button  , Radio voice commands = Square button , In car MFD button = L2 button , MFD up = Right Rotary switch up  , MFD down = Right Rotary switch down , MFD menu left = L3 button , MFD menu right = R3 button  , Overtake = Triangle button .


Starting from the top and going down =  0 0 8 15 25 0 15 100 15

Vibration and FFB

Starting at the top and going down = 104 60 65 53 0 OFF 360

MFD Shortcuts = Pit Panel setup = X button

Camera Customisation = COCKPIT VIEW ,   Field of View = 0.35 , Offset Horizontal = 0.35 , All others = 0.00

Camera shake and Movement = 100% , Look to apex = 15 degrees , HALO COLUMN = ON

Audio settings for Head phones = Starting at top going to bottom 9 10 7 10      Dynamic range = Full , Dual shock wireless control speaker = OFF , Radio output device = Main Output Device , Radio Verbosity = Everything , Upshift tone = ON

Game play Settings Flashbacks = OFF , Race Starts = Manual , Tyre Temps = Surface & Carcass , Rules & Flags = ON

Assists = Everything OFF except for Gearbox = Manual

Hope this  is of some use to some one that wants to play the game like it should be played  and not in that terrible silly cam view that the vast majority of people use , as you can probably tell it winds me up .



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