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Turning Equal Cars TT Setups into Online Race Setup


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Just thought I would share my method of turning TT setups into online setups, I think everyone has different methods so someone else might have a different method that they might want to share here. 

I used to simply just either lower the front aero or increase the rear aero to increase stability for the race, however I found it either hindered my straight line speed on cornering performance too much. Recently I have just left the aero the same and decreased rear suspension by one click, then either raised front roll bar a click or two, and decreased the rear roll bar a click or two in order to improve stability that way without hampering aero too much.

Everything else I don't really change, maybe tyre pressures I lower if they are overheating but it seems to be working a treat at the moment. I feel my performances increasing and just wanted to share and see if anyone has other ideas.





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