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Rushing air noise while in cockpit or T cam

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Hi folks first time i have ever posted on this forum so hello to everyone. My question is while i am using either cockpit cam or T cam (with headphones) i am bombarded with the sound of rushing air while driving. Now i know this is somewhat real but it's very off putting to me when i use cockpit cam. It's better than previous iterations of the game but is there a way to lessen this effect. Also some of the crowd clapping and cheering is majorly annoying and overpowering any other sound effects at that time. Anyway i hope i can find out the answers that i seek. Thanks in advance 

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Hello I think you need to talk to another poster on here as he is with you and does not like realism as it gets in the way of a more bland experience which is of course is your valid opinion  , may I suggest that you turn down your effects volume in the Audio Menu to lessen the irritation of reality.

  On a more serious note I think it may be of benefit to users if the Audio content had a volume control slider for every recorded sound that is in the mix so that individuals can choose their preferred audio mix

Or to simplify it they could have two mixes available  Audio 1 Pants , Audio 2 Brilliant.

I am joking please do not be offended by this , I just prefer a more realistic Audio and cannot get enough of it  but I can appreciate that there are people out there who are loving Football matches at the moment without a crowd. Regards.

P.S although I like the wind and clapping in the mix  and I am not irritated by it ,I did find the clapping to be a little too loud for it to appear realistic after all the drivers have balaclavas ear plugs and helmets on so what they hear is going to be muffled except of course their engineers radio chatter .

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