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New to console racing

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Hello All

Looks like newbies don't get replies or the board just isn't that busy but i figured I might as well be polite and introduce myself anyway.


I'm Nick.

I enjoy long walks on the beach and sunsets on the water.


Only kidding. Just checking if you're paying attention.

Actually just got into racing games. Starting kinda late. I'm 59 but better late than never. Always loved motor sports and speed and have been following F1 since I was a teen. The wife bought me F1 2018 and 2020 for Christmas. Why i don't know. I asked for 2020 but she bought both because 2018 was cheap. I figure if I start with 2018 first I'll appreciate 2020 more.

Didn't want to spend a lot of money so I bought the best rated budget steering wheel and pedal set I could find online for less than $100.00. The PXNV3 Pro. Now for $90.00 it was a decent wheel and pedal set if you're 12 years old. Decided to bite the bullet and return it and go with the Logitech G29 and I'm glad I did. Also progressed with my rig setup since then too. Here are some pics of my rigs evolution over the past month. Copied the Playseat and pretty happy with the way it turned out. Total cost was $52.00 for the seat from Jeggs online. Used wood I had left over from working on the house. All that's left it to paint it.













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Hello evaredy

Thank you.

Monitor is a 34" Viotek GNV34CB purchased from walmart .com. TV bracket was the most reasonably priced one I found on Amazon that would support the monitors weight.

After using the rig for a few days I realized it needed some tweaking. Replaced the steering wheel support with a beefier 2x10 chunk of wood since the first one was flexing way too much. Also slanted the pedal board forward more to suit me better.



Happy with the corrections I painted the rig and ordered decals to finish it off. Working out really nicely.



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