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Is there some way to set steering angle manually in game?

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Been trying to get the game set up and the auto calibration and soft lock are not to my liking. I would rather just set it to a flat 540 and have that be the same for all cars. I realize it's not as realistic but that's not my goal here. I have seen multiple posts where people say "yeah I turned off soft lock and set it to 540" but I cannot find anywhere to set steering angle rotation in game. Is this something they're setting in the wheel hardware/driver versus the game?

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What wheel are you using? @wildcatdave


My rig details are in my signature; I have been using 360 degree rotation on every car. 

I essentially set my Fanatec to 360 on the hardware side, and in-game the option for Soft Lock should be in the Input Settings (where you tweak deadzones and the like).

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