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[Mulitplayer] Mulitplayer car teams feature


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Thanks Barry, though with respect I do beg to differ about it being a bug. It bugs every member in my small league every time we race that the developers assigned all multiplayer cars to the same team (as shown in the telemetry packet id) so the current game feature i.e using mp cars in longer online races, is broken because of it. If a bug is unintentional consequences as a result of coding then this is a bug or no? 

I realise the release of 2021 is taking all hands and it's unreasonable to see a fix for this now....  hopefully its more reasonable to expect that it will not be implemented in future titles but the very next title instead.

The marketing team can even print it in bold on the feature list for 2021, will certainly make at least 40 of us more willing to part with our money come July. 

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