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Steering Device settings not saving


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Trying to map my AccuForce and HE pedals to the controller settings with the new settings, but the settings do not persist after exiting the game.  I have to map my controls every time I launch the game.  Is this a known issue, or is there a workaround/fix?
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The "press your controller's key at startup" fix doesn't work.  I set the game options to my wheel, and the next time I start the game not a single button one wheel, a pedal, or anything other than the Enter key works for getting past the initial load screen.
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That works partially unfortunately.  It does seem to save my wheel gas and brake assignments, but once I change into H-Pattern + Clutch, it won't let me assign from my shifter.

Assigning from my shifter ONLY works when overriding the non-default keyboard profile.
However, if I go into another profile, setup my shifter and clutch, go back to the keyboard profile, I'm then able to assign the shifter and clutch.
However, then it doesn't save.  :s

I give up.
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mrbedo said:
Yes, I close properly. Have you actually got it to save settings with a wheel, where the shifter and pedals plugin as separate USB devices?
Nope, sorry; since I own a stock Driving Force GT wich have just gas/brake pedals and no H shifter...

The only thing I noticed was the commented.

Hope you can get it solved soon, I guess it has to be easy to "fix". GL
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okay I had the exact same problem when I went from a g27 to my current config
I'm now running HE pro pedals, custom button box, sequential shifter, hydraulic handbrake and g27 that I have modified(while I build a osw)
the issue (i think) is what the game considers joystick 1and how you start the game
the fix for me was this
download a great program called JoyToKey
setup the joystick 1 in joytokey to the one you want to start the game with and map a key to be the Enter button. for me it was the button box
now setup your custom setting in dirt rally and it should now be saved
also don't forget to over ride them to steering wheels

if you press enter on the keyboard then the game will think you now wish to use this and convert your setting back to default (that's how I think it happens anyway)

hope this helps and good luck with it
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I tried the JoyToKey method, and unfortunately it does not work. I also don't see how the game would think you're using a steering wheel, when JoyToKey specifically emulates the keyboard, so the game should think you're pressing ENTER from the keyboard.

Eitherway, I had high hopes for 0.7, but same issues.

When I set the settings on the Keyboard settings, they save. However, I'm unable to assign gears 1-7.  I select a gear to assign to, and as soon as I shift my shifter (Fanatec SSQ) into a gear, the assignment changes from "WAITING" to "UNASSIGNED". It refuses to take the input.

The only way I can assign all of my controls is to assign to one of the [STEERING WHEEL] profiles, but unfortunately they don't save, and the JoyToKey method does not work.

To codemaster's devs:  
How can you not get the controls right? No other game has such issues. This is ridiculous. 
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Exactly the same here...
With my G27 can I set up everything and then go to Load/Save Device Configuration to make a profile.
As long as I do not quit the game, I can call it back or see the profile that I make under load device.
Exit the game means also exit profile configuration....
and consequently no .xml file in My Documents\My Games\DiRT Rally\wheelsettings.
Help please !!

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For those who have a Thrustmaster T500RS, it is impossible to find a button giving the same result as the enter key. That is if you have selected the "Advanced mode" (25 buttons).
You must choose instead the "normal mode" (13 buttons). Then press the Nr 6 button. It works !
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