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Make F2 Season More Important


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New player here and I started my first career doing the full F2 Season and was surprised that after it nothing actually was different as it would be if I jumped straight to F1. Later I did a 3 race version and got Media interviews which never happened during the full season. Also at the start of my F1 season I can choose any team I want, would be nice if the performance in the full F2 season determined how your F1 career starts.

Maybe it would need to be an option to choose at the start as some people would prefer to choose their team but maybe it would be good if team offers were dependant on your performance. Offers would be from low to mid table teams only meaning offers to the best teams need to be earned. Media interviews should happen as well as they do in the 3 race option.

It would mean the F2 season , which is really enjoyable, would be more meaningful. Maybe even give an option to make an F1 offer not certain. Basically you have to earn it

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