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Grip and Handling for 2021 and beyond.


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So this is a personal opinion, let me know if people agree or disagree. I feel the grip and handling of the cars is just wrong. If you watch Lewis Hamilton's pole lap at Spa 2020, the speed he carries through corners, especially Pouhon (which he takes FLAT OUT) is ridiculous. If we tried taking Pouhon flat out on the game we'd either understeer wide or spin, bearing in mind that you could run something like 7-11 wings and be able to take Pouhon flat out but that isn't exactly practicable around Spa, you'd be a sitting duck on the Kemmel Straight. So firstly, I feel the grip at HIGH SPEED, is too low.

Second, I think the grip at LOW SPEED, is too high, ironic isn't it. But hear me out, before I start on this, remember that grip and traction are two very different things, traction is pretty good actually I like it, mid-corner grip is a bit too high at low speed, now go watch Hamilton's pole lap from Portugal, this is the best car on the grid and look at him in the slow speed corners, constant corrections, losing the rear a lot, especially in the final sector with overheating tyres. The only place, and I say the only place on the game where this is anywhere near accurate is Turn 16 at COTA, the exit of that corner is terribly bad for traction which needs improving, but the grip at low speed mid-corner is actually the kind of thing I wish was more prevalent on the game, slow speed corners should be difficult, we should be losing the rear a little if we carry too much speed, the whole concept of these cars is downforce gives grip, there's no downforce at low speed so the grip should be low, we should be fighting with the car at low speed when we're pushing and carry a little bit too much speed, it's almost too easy at low speed on 2020.

Then again, I also think that it is too difficult to catch the cars when they start to spin, once it goes past a 45 degree angle, there's no catching the car, its gone, sometimes earlier than that, you see these saves they make IRL, Alonso Brazil 2012 is a good example, he's nearly 75 degrees round and he still catches it, we couldn't do that on the game, no chance. 

Again this is just my opinion, take it with a grain of salt. But I just think if you were to put an IRL lap and an F1 2020 lap side by side, they'd be stupidly different. 2020 is faster than IRL somehow, which again I don't agree with, these are the best drivers in the world and we can go 2 seconds a lap faster than them at most tracks? Come on. Let's get grip and handling sorted now EA are backing you.

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