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Show Codemasters your voice!


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I wish I could believe something like this video & poll would make a positive difference, but customers have been prolifically providing so much feedback through multiple channels for so long that CodeMasters' management would literally need to be willfully ignoring feedback in order to claim that they don't know how customers feel. It's been all over their own forums, other public forums, Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, & reviews for years.

At this point, the more the community pleads with CodeMasters, the more it shows CodeMasters that there are still plenty of people ready to line up & buy their next game, regardless of how poor the delivery is.

Besides, they don't need community feedback to know that their own games are highly dysfunctional. I think the biggest thing most customers probably want is quality - games that simply work; games that can actually be played without being frequently interrupted by significant bugs & issues. I doubt there would have been anywhere near as much uproar/backlash about F1 2015 if the game simply worked as is, regardless of the lack of features from prior installments.

Actions speak louder than words, especially since CodeMasters' words are so few & so vague.
"Kid gloves" & diplomacy have not resulted in better quality.
Outrage & heated rants have not resulted in better quality.
Bad review scores & low ratings have not resulted in better quality.
Polls & letters & videos & all-out begging have not resulted in better quality.

Companies don't care what we say.
Companies don't care what we want.
Companies only care what we buy.

Actions speak louder than words, and every purchase is a vote with your wallet telling them to keep doing what they're doing. Quality has been declining for years & we all know what to expect from them by now, so stop funding further decline.

They know their quality is bad, they know how customers feel, and they also know that people keep buying it anyway. At this point, it's our own fault because we've repeatedly taught them that they can have our money no matter how poorly they deliver.

Money talks, and the only way they'll listen & change is if we collectively put our money where our mouth is.

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People are obviously going to vote for whatever is lacking at the moment.

Look at the current results - safety car is way in front, yet the handling model is last. Only because this years handling model is decent. 

Is it too much to ask that the game has all of those options/features as standard?
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You lot are missing the point of the poll it's not to get one particular aspect of the game fixed because we all know codies won't listen anyway its to get codies to engage in dialect with the community so that in future codies might listen to us and we might have some input in what is and isn't in the game.The community manager asked for this poll to be done by the top youtubers just to see how many people gave a shit basically tho why codies couldn't of just did that themselves is beyond me!
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