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G29 PS4 Issues connecting to PC


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Hello everyone, 

I recently bought a G29 PS4 steering wheel, pedals, and clutch. 

I have followed numerous methods of installing Logitech Gaming software and ran it as a background and the game could not pick up the steering wheel. If I go to controller settings it shows the wheel at the bottom with a not enabled signed. Enabling it does not work. 

I have also downloaded the Logitech G Hub and the steering wheel and everything is showing and I can set up all the necessary setups but when I run it on Formula 20202 it gives me the same issues. 

I have installed un-installed LGS and G Hub multiple times and the game will not recognize the controller. I have checked through the forums and tried practically everything I could find but with no luck

Anyone have any similar situations and can send help? 


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