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DRL- Dynamic Racing League

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Hi, Dynamic Racing League is a new league that is just starting on pc we have a history on Xbox One and had a fairly successful league over there. But me and my co-owner have recently decided to both step up to PC.

We had a chill, calm and kind community over on Xbox and hope to replicate that here on PC.

We currently have one league and hope to expand over to F2 once our F1 league grows.

We have a 12 week long calendar and will be racing on Saturdays at 7PM. The session will consist of a full qualifying and a 50% race.

The rules and damage will be: Dynamic weather, formation lap on and full damage.

Here is the discord link if you would like to join: https://discord.gg/w3qRy64WwT

We hope to see you there and join the DRL family.

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