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[XBOX] SRL S2 Sign Ups Now Open! Season Starts 25th February, Everyone Welcome!

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Shadow Racing League is a league that was created for F1 2020, we have just finished our first season where the title was decided by just 1 point! Sign ups for our new season are now open until February 13th 11:59 GMT, anyone who signs up after this time will be a reserve. We are always looking for new drivers and anyone is welcome, regardless of your pace! Here is some more info:

- Race will be on Thursdays with start times to be between 18:30 GMT and 8:30 GMT. (This will be decided at a later date).
- We will be doing 50% races with Short Qualifying.
- Full damage and strict corner cutting will be used, you can find all race setting in the discord server.
- All assists will be allowed except for Both Pit assists, DRS, ERS and Fuel assist.
- Season set to start on February 18th with a test race, season will start a week later on the 25th.
- All races streamed and commentated, however more commentators and co-commentators are welcome to join!

If you are interested in joining then you can join the Discord Server using this link: https://discord.gg/5GxqRRPRzT, here you will find the sign up form and more info!

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