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Pit Setup - Keep Current Tyres

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The game is clearly missing an important feature; keep same tyres during pit stop. 

For example, if you lose a wing and need to pit during a race, whilst there’s hardly any wear on your tyres, there should be an option in the pitting MFD that stops the tyres being changed. Why change tyres on lap 3 when you can do another 6 or 7 laps with them. 

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This would be very handy.

When you are in the MFD and cycle through the tyre options there should be an option to the left of softs that says NONE.

Please also add in the percentage of wear on the Used tyres when making a pit stop.


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In F1 races you usually want to change tyres no matter what cause there's generally not a downside. In F2 races however you can literally be forced to make another stop because you might start on a compound that can go the entire race but then be forced onto a compound that can't because there is literally only one fresh tyre of that compound... at any rate it seems pretty ridiculous that the option to keep the same tyre in that situation isn't an option.

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