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Tire changes used up when game exits after service in career

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I realize there's no more bug fixes coming for this game, but maybe someone has a fix.  I've tested this and it's repeatable after it happened to me, but if you're in a career rally, repair your car and change your tires in service, and start the stage and the game exits or has a problem during the stage, when you reload the game and start the stage again you lose at least one tire change without having actually changed tires.  This left me with zero tire changes remaining with used soft tires on my car and 40+ miles of stages remaining as I didn't catch it until it was too late and I kept exiting the game to fiddle with DDU settings, which I should have done in time trial apparently.

Anyone have a fix for that?  I ended up abandoning the rally because it was going to be ridiculous, especially considering 9 of the 12 stages were in the wet with 6 of them being heavy rain (which is its own problem).

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