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Career adds DLC Stages even when DLC is not owned [Solved]


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Hello, you fine folks. I've got an issue that I need some help with.

I've bought Dirt Rally 2.0 on Steam a few days ago. I just bought the base game. No GOTY, no Deluxe edition and no DLC. I've double-checked on Steam (See the attached image) to make sure. However, when I try to start a Career Rally via My Team, the game includes DLC tracks in my championships anyway. I've tried to abandon the championship to get a new one a few times, but it keeps including DLC tracks for some reason.

I've made a video, so you can check out what I'm referring to: https://youtu.be/Zc7ZhF1k8h8

My uneducated guess is that this bug is somehow related to Steam's family sharing option. A few of my Steam friends own Dirt Rally 2.0, too. I guess one of them might own some DLC and Steam has somehow incorrectly linked it to my Codemasters/RaceNet account. If any of the Codemasters staff could take a look at my account and check if there is any DLC that is incorrectly assigned to it, I think that might fix the issue.

But as I've said, that's just a guess. I'm open to your input and to other solutions.

Thank your for your time!


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2 hours ago, PJTierney said:

@thegreentaxi, this is an unusual one, not a common issue for sure.

Can you try disabling Family Sharing and seeing if you can get into the Career?

I did, but unfortunately that didn't help. I also tried to reinstall the game, but to no avail. The issue is still there. This leads me to believe that the problem must be on the server side

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