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Singapore 100% dry race strategy?

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Hi there,

any tips for the pit stop strategy for a Singapore 100% dry race? GP mode AI 105.

I'm undecided because in my past Career experiences I always faced up rainy days. According to my practices, I see a very strong Soft compound for the first 5-6 laps but it drops so much while Medium compound is very consistent in long stints and Hard a bit too slow.

I don't necessarily need to run Soft in Q2 to reach the Q3, so I can start with Medium compound possibly from the front row. But what to do then?
I have no idea how many pit stops AI makes in dry conditions.

1) I would like to try one pit stop (M)->(H) but I fear I may be in trouble in the last laps against a "possible" Hamilton with fresh and faster tires, altough track position may be the key here;
2) two pit stops (M)->(S)->(M) something like 23-35, in order to undercut the 2 pit-stoppers (after the second stint), but I risk to be behind the 1 pit-stoppers (if any) at the end, altough faster.
3) I would exclude both (M)->(M)->(S) because of the expected track position after the second pit, and (S)->(M)->(M) for track position after the first pit stop (I'd probably be in the traffic).

If you have ideas to share, I'm all ears :classic_smile:

Thank you and bye,

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In the case it may be useful for somebody, at the end I did n.2 (M)->(S)->(M):

  • 22 laps on (M) used in Q2 (6% of wear already), ended the stint with 49% on worse tyre (front right);
  • 13 laps on (S) new, ended the stint with 42% on worse tyre (front right);
  • 26 laps on (M) new, ended the race with 46% on worse tyre (front right).

The strategy worked well for track position starting from P1, Verstappen did my same strategy while Hamilton started with (S) and was in the traffic after 1st pit. Nobody did 1 pit only.


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