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DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

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Check your own devices and/or internet connection first, restart your router etc.

Check if SteamPlayStation Network or Xbox Live are down.





Copy this and use it as a template (delete/replace whatever you don't need):


  • Platform: Steam / PlayStation / Xbox
  • Country: x
  • Place where error was encountered: Events / Clubs / Time Trial
  • Kind of error: "Server refused connection attempt" / "Error code ending in 55-58" 


No additional details, comments or screenshots are required unless we ask for them.

You can also try emailing the above to custservice@codemasters.com


This thread is not for one-to-one support, but rather to make Support aware of any potential server issues.

A report doesn't mean an immediate investigation will take place, however if there are multiple reports in a short time period then it's a sign that something is happening and info will be passed on to Support who will handle things accordingly.



If you're on Windows 7 and experiencing an error ending in 58-58, update your security settings.

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Discrapancy error when finishing event.

It's as if I haven't played it at all. I got no credits for the 3rd and last round or for finishing the Career Rallycross, although I finished 1st in the last race and in 5th position on the whole thing, after going round and round for 50 times around the track (I have played 3 Career Rallycross until now and when I did bad I didn't receive this crapancy error).

Second day since I started playing (PS4 game of the month). I just wanted to upgrade my first engineer with the ~100k I should have received (I am actually wondering how many credits I would receive).


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Cannot play single player campaign at all, every time I try I get this error:




Wow, Codemasters, I have never refunded a game on steam before and I have many of your games but this is looking like it will be my first refund if you don't get this fixed. How can I not play a the single player campaign in a racing game when there is no problem with my internet connection?

First, why make single player campaign online only at all? Secondly, why are your servers so horrible when connection is required to play the game?

The store page says nothing about on-line requirements to play the single player mode, I think I had reasonable reason to assume I would be able to play the game without any issues on my side.

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On 4/14/2020 at 11:37 PM, PJTierney said:

What I do know however is that the studio takes these issues and outages seriously and has done so since before the game's launch, and their causes and future actions come up frequently in meetings. 

Well, as a customer. It doesn't exactly feel like it's taken seriously.

Maybe if some big-shot get's issues in the Solberg Cup. Or Broadbent have major issues when he'll stream it something will happen. Seems to be the recurring theme these days, someone with a name must have issues for companies to react.

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3370e--- while doing a club and tried to retry for 5 minutes.. **** off


left to main menu and rejoined and it worked without any issues. Fire the ones that coded this ****** racenet ffs. Its trash and all this time they have spend on "looking into it" and "monitoring it" they could have put on something else because it have done nothing, zero, null. Pure ******* garbage! Another day and another one of those rare moments where racenet taking a dump.

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I have problems whole evening (even right now at 00:42 CET) to load www with results. In dev tools I can see ajax calls repeatedly returns HTTP 500.

The web page translates it to:


which obviously is not true. It is just not able to retrieve data from server.

This system is really on the knees for too long. CM is showing no respect to their customers at all.

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Most frustrating is that server issues could spoil your club race, like when game hangs at Solberg club and you can forget t-shirt.
So if there is no enough money to get servers which work and guys to maintain those, maby you could add somekind of feature to your games which take into account server crashes.

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9 minutes ago, AndreaCrugnola said:

Hello everyone, in the last couple of days i’m not anymore able to race in the racenet club. When i presa on it i enter and looks like that i’m haven’t join any club. Does Someone know what i have to do?


sorry for my bad english

You probably have too many active clubs. The maximum of active clubs are 36.

Go into https://dirtrally2.com/

and then check how many clubs that have a championship running.


edit: I have 37 now and its still showing in game. But it could be the reason. 

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Down again, US Xbox One S. I’ve played since the beginning and have seen the improvements that have come with this game, but this is getting to be a joke. I understand that there are more players playing now than before, but DON’T RELEASE IT in such a manner if the servers can’t handle it. Not a good impression being made on the new players...



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On 4/7/2020 at 3:59 PM, MichaelALAD said:

Please Codemasters give us some announcement when it will be possible to actually play the game. I know life is hard and all that stuff but come on how long will I get this after trying my best on the track?


PC (Steam)

Servers fail ALL the time, it's nearly impossible to play the game

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