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DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

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Check your own devices and/or internet connection first, restart your router etc.

Check if SteamPlayStation Network or Xbox Live are down.





Copy this and use it as a template (delete/replace whatever you don't need):


  • Platform: Steam / PlayStation / Xbox
  • Country: x
  • Place where error was encountered: Events / Clubs / Time Trial
  • Kind of error: "Server refused connection attempt" / "Error code ending in 55-58" 


No additional details, comments or screenshots are required unless we ask for them.

You can also try emailing the above to custservice@codemasters.com


This thread is not for one-to-one support, but rather to make Support aware of any potential server issues.

A report doesn't mean an immediate investigation will take place, however if there are multiple reports in a short time period then it's a sign that something is happening and info will be passed on to Support who will handle things accordingly.



If you're on Windows 7 and experiencing an error ending in 58-58, update your security settings.

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I have lost millions of credits over the failure to connect to the server this afternoon, and lost my whole progress through a career rally event! Not happy! Constant server connection failure messages and can't connect at all now! I hope we will get reimbursed for all the credits people are losing including myself! 😡

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20 minutes ago, Sneglzilla said:

If i knew the singleplayer was connected to your servers and i couldnt play single player without a connection to internet.. I would have never bought this ****.. Please fix an update, so the singleplayer dont need an internet connection.. 

Don't bother asking about this, people have done that since launch 😉 

Doing that isn't as easy as flicking a switch btw, they'd have to rework the way the entire save system works for those parts of the game

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Not totally related but this did lead to another Pinned topic over on the Steam forums.

PJTierney, once this is over could you please dial down the number of pinned topics there? The main page currently only has room for 10 other threads before they fall off the page. (Steam forums are admittedly a bit primitive.)

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33 minutes ago, eduardohrks said:

Got an error code after trying to connect to the server in game, problem is I just finished one of the hardest Scenarios of Colin Mcrae´s DLC on very hard ! Am I going to lose everything  ?

The Colin McRae-Scenarios have no connection to the RaceNet-Servers (thankfully), you will not lose anything.
The achievements are still bugged, though.

20 minutes ago, Kongarace said:

I've been retrying over and over again in the middle of a classic championship but can't connect to the servers. Steam, Germany

Do you mean historic championship?
The game only tries to upload the time on the leaderboards, the championship should still work, it's one of the offline modes.

These are working offline:

Historic Championship
Custom Championship (single player)
FIA World Rallycross Championship
Free Drive
Colin McRae Scenarios

Probably Time Trials, too, but doesn't make much sense, if you can't upload the time.

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I was also getting a server not available message like the above, then it entered the game. ...But I've had a download failed message after collecting rewards, and connection was gone again. After a retry, new challenges showed, but it's better to exit the game in case it'll cause some data mismatch in the current state.

Speaking of it: Yesterday after finishing a club event (without connection issues) and doing a few time trials after, when going back to the main menu I was greeted with a career championship reset due to data mismatch message. I didn't even touch my career championship on that session.

It's the second time I've seen this. Fortunately, for what I remember, I've now only lost a RX championship on Masters where I was doing poorly and putting some kms on a new car, but if it had been a serious effort mid-Rally Masters I'd be foaming by now. There must be some issue on your client <-> back-end for either these problems happening mid-session way long after the previous championship run/progress save, and also in the way when a problem is found, the default behavior is to discard user progress.


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I just got the GOTY edition, (given it's a full game, not the joke that was on offer at launch) hoping it would prove to be a better experience than the f1 titles that I have given up on.

5 hours in and I'm pretty disappointed. The cars all feel very floaty and the crash physics are atrocious to say the last. Thankfully my internet is very slow so its yet to be installed completely and I only have access to historic rallies. I wonder if my game will be installed before this server issue gets fixed? Somehow I think I've opened myself up to a great deal of frustration.

Never again codemasters, you have lost a customer. Can only be glad I didn't by grid!


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Problem: Cannot connect to server at all.
Duration of problem: 4 to 5 hours now. 
Previous problems: I have had very rarely any connection problems to racenet before and even when had those have been short moments only.
Platform: Steam
Country: Finland

Following error appears when starting the game, before entering the main menu. And after that game isn't getting the access to the server either. Situation has lasted like 4-5 hours now and during which time I think game has gotten some connection to server for very short moment about 2 or 3 times. 

I can access Freeplay etc features that in fact should work offline, but even those work badly now and its starting to get really annoying. It seems like the game is trying to connect to server in many points when it should not be that necessary and those cause 1-2 minute delays repeatedly. I mean like most of the time when i just restart in freeplay mid-stage or move from stage to service area mid-stage etc. So basically in situations when there should not even be any need to upload anything to server.


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1 hour ago, Patrick19630310 said:

Pour que vous fassiez le nécessaire pour rétablir une connexion avec vos serveurs ... nous avons payé pour jouer à ce jeu donc avec l'argent reçu vous pouvez vous payer pour les serveurs 




For you to do what you need to do to re-establish a connection with your servers ... we paid to play this game so with the money received you can pay for the servers


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9 minutes ago, gleylancer571 said:

The server has not been accessible for 3 hours, I hope I can still play it today .........

Was planning to finish all events today, as i will begin a long work tomorrow. Now i will miss the credits and engine upgrades.

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