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DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

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Check your own devices and/or internet connection first, restart your router etc.

Check if SteamPlayStation Network or Xbox Live are down.





Copy this and use it as a template (delete/replace whatever you don't need):


  • Platform: Steam / PlayStation / Xbox
  • Country: x
  • Place where error was encountered: Events / Clubs / Time Trial
  • Kind of error: "Server refused connection attempt" / "Error code ending in 55-58" 


No additional details, comments or screenshots are required unless we ask for them.

You can also try emailing the above to custservice@codemasters.com


This thread is not for one-to-one support, but rather to make Support aware of any potential server issues.

A report doesn't mean an immediate investigation will take place, however if there are multiple reports in a short time period then it's a sign that something is happening and info will be passed on to Support who will handle things accordingly.



If you're on Windows 7 and experiencing an error ending in 58-58, update your security settings.

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  • Platform: Steam
  • Country: Greece
  • Place where error was encountered: MyTeam/ first launch 
  • Kind of error: The Server refused your connection attempt. This can happen if the server is busy. Please try again in a few minutes.
  • Note: I have tried multiple times, and I have been having this issue for 6-7 hours.


It can connect now.

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Hi again everyone, thank you all for the reports today.


I can confirm that Support identified the issue and was able to issue a fix about 30 minutes ago, so you should be all set now.

Our readouts are telling us everything is back to normal levels.


If you're still seeing issues restart your software/hardware and try again.



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Platform - PC

Country - USA

Place - Events

Kind of error - this occurs on login: multiple errors 1) servers are offline, please check your devices 2) please reinstall game 3) game won't reinstall 4) game link on my pc started going to MS game store home page stating "this product is already installed"...

Note - all of this started after the latest update on 2/16/21 (1.17)

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Platform: Steam PC

Country: USA

Place:  Events

Error: "cannot connect to server. Try again later." Anytime retrieving save data or uploading save data to server, it's slow, unresponsive, or times out. No problems with my ISP. It's been like this for a week now. 



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Okay, so I have this problem since last Thursday, and I seem to be the only one to have it. None of my friends experienced it, and no one in the internet seems to had it as well. I can make lobbys and drive online, but career and Racenet Clubs are unavailable. PC, Steam, Poland
Edit: I have both verified game files and reinstalled the whole game, but it didn't change anything


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state of Brandenburg, Germany.

Tried to put in some time for the "official Dirt League" - was it the third stage(?) that the server became unreachable. Was already slow to respond for the first 2 stages, though.

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tried to attach error-screenshot
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