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DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

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Check your own devices and/or internet connection first, restart your router etc.

Check if SteamPlayStation Network or Xbox Live are down.





Copy this and use it as a template (delete/replace whatever you don't need):


  • Platform: Steam / PlayStation / Xbox
  • Country: x
  • Place where error was encountered: Events / Clubs / Time Trial
  • Kind of error: "Server refused connection attempt" / "Error code ending in 55-58" 


No additional details, comments or screenshots are required unless we ask for them.

You can also try emailing the above to custservice@codemasters.com


This thread is not for one-to-one support, but rather to make Support aware of any potential server issues.

A report doesn't mean an immediate investigation will take place, however if there are multiple reports in a short time period then it's a sign that something is happening and info will be passed on to Support who will handle things accordingly.



If you're on Windows 7 and experiencing an error ending in 58-58, update your security settings.

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1 hour ago, AntouTheBest said:

I might lost all my progression in solo due to the server connection lost , is there a way to recover it? The game found a difference between my local data and the server data. 

Platform : Steam/PC

Region : Canada

Time : 19h, 2020-04-07

That has happened to me 3 times since launch in 2019. I'm not sure why. There is no way to recover it afaik. Sorry. 😞

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PC, Steam, Win10.  I initially couldn't get in at about 1900 US CDT.  But after a couple failed attempts and restarting the game from scratch, I got in just fine to find rewards from yesterday's dailies waiting for me.  So I did the 2 dailies I had cars for, then messed around here and figuring out how clubs work.  About 2100 US CDT, I returned to the game and did 3 stages in the DRC club thing, all no problem. 

So, I seem to have just barely caught the tail end of the problem but things were fine soon after.

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Lost connection during a club, unable to reconnect, had to end stream.... Steam, Norway

I have avoided streaming DR2.0 lately becouse of the connection issues, and I also only do clubs, but too scared to lose progress how things are playing out the last week.

Please get some stability in the service the game can not work without... I was also unable to do daylies....

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I struggled to connect this morning. I didn't get a 'connection failed' message at first, but it took ages to connect.

After every career stage, it took a while to load the timing screen and when paying for repairs on one occasion, it gave me the 'connection failed' message.

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The server is still very, very slow and I don't always get a connection.

Codemasters finally fixes this problem.
I bought this game last year to play it and not to wait for hours on the server
When Codemasters sells a game, it must also be playable
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Error code 170d962e84ef4c8-1505-55-0


Xbox one X 

The server is not available.

Lost all progress in my event 

Please shed some light on what this error means, it's been happening now for a couple of days, progressively getting worse. It will load my events(after a few trys and a few minutes of loading the time it works) but not let me race them showing that error code. I have fallen in love with this game but losing the will to live please sort or shed some light letting us all (I presume it's not just me, might be) sleep better at night  


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