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Black liveries invisible on the minimap


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I assume you're probably done with this game from here but this would be a really nice and easy fix I think if you would be so kind!

So many players online use black / dark liveries which show as black icon on the mini-map while racing, this can be very difficult to see to tell if one of these cars is behind me or around me on track. 

Result is they can often spring out of nowhere and catch me unawares while racing. 

I would hope you could add perhaps a thin white circle around the blip if it is registered as black or dark.

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Its made even worse in cloudy conditions or when the track is dark asphalt as in France. 

Become quite annoying through the life cycle of 2020 and hope this will get a change going into 2021, all it needs is a thin white circle around a black or otherwise registered as dark blob on the minimap. 


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  • KNT2011 changed the title to Black liveries invisible on the minimap

I agree with this idea. Maybe a two-tone team-relevant colour scheme would be beneficial with different colours for the main icon body and the outline.

For example;

McLaren would be orange icon with light blue outline.

Aston Martin would be Green with Pink outline.

Alpha Tauri will be darker blue with white outline.

Ferrari will be red with black outline.


You get the general gist of the idea there. Just two contrasting colours. One light and one dark so all cars are noticeable on the minimap.

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