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League Event: Joining session...


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For a few days I've been unable to connect to any existing private league lobbies. I've set up a new one and even then it will stay stuck on the loading screen I've attached. I've also uninstalled and installed the game again, yet no luck so far. 

Has anyone had any experience with this? 


Apologies in advance if it's a common, easy to fix issue, I've had a look around the forums but can't find any fixes as yet. 





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Hello. I have the same problem


[PC]- F1 2020 - Uneable joining to multiplayer sessions. Week event or ranked / unranked sessions.

1.       When I try to join a multiplayer session. After waiting a few minutes the game shows the error message.

2.       I am using the 1.15 version

3.       Multiplayer, Week event (Showing the NM14 ERROR) or ranked / unranked sessions (Showing "can not connect").

5.       I always suffer the problem since this week started

6.       I have uninstall the game but doest not work, check my internet settings and reset the router.

7.       I use gamepad but does not matter

8.       It is the same problem which this user upload on this video the August before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lveM-wA71s&feature=emb_logo


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I am testing options. I tried to connect other steam account in the same PC, in this case, I was able to connect to multiplayer sessions and to the week event and play it. So... what is my problem? It is clear that is related with the steam account.

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