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NGOTY Editiion


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I was thinking of this ;then I read a post that said the same thing ,  What would be a nice edition would be to publish two versions of the game , one for the "Racers" complete with 'Mr pumpkin head hats' , ' My Track maker'  jack up kits or whatever it is they would like in an F1 game . That can be the Standard version and then an under the counter version in a brown paper bag that has nothing but an  F1 game in the contents like it used to be in the old days before children had money , this spin off version of the standard game could be sold at a premium price say $ 10,000 dollars and have some kind of cyber security that could detect "Racers" and lock them out.

This way everyone can get  what they want "Racers can play Formula WON  , and anyone who would rather play Formula 1 can do that.

The basics of the game are there  , I don't mind if the standard version gets all the good add on stuff at the usual retail price., wile the NGOTY version with less content has a premium price.  Its a win win situation for all.


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