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[PS4 1.16] No SC or VSC Deployed During Season

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Platform: PS4

Version: v1.16

Mode: MyTeam mode

Options: 100% - FULL Q - 22 races 

AI Difficulty: 100

Damage: Simulation

Flags and Rules: On

I'm playing my team season since 1.12 and there is no either SC or VSC deployed during races.

I've completed 19/22 races so far without SC or VSC.

I am sure that Safety Car Option is turned on %100. I've reinstalled the game but no change. 

During a race some AI retire from the race and parking near the road  then yellow flags are shown and that's all. The game is not even deploying VSC. 

Also I saw a AI car parked in the middle of the road and the game removed it from the race. Just 1 sec yellow flags and still no VSC or SC..

Could you please help me to solve this issue ? 



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Hi @PaiMei,

Thanks for the report.

Please note that VSC and SC deployment only occurs if the incident in question is too dangerous to clear under yellow flags, much like real life. Do you have any videos of any of the incidents in question?

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So basically you are saying that VSC and SC occurs like real life but it's normal that one serious crash may not happen in a season ? 

So the problem is that game's AI crash mechanism looks like has some problems. I have paid this game to experience real life F1 races. But in game not even one crash occurs in a season. So why did I buy this game ? 


Can you explain me please?



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Hi @PaiMei,

If you would like to provide your incidents where you feel where a SC/VSC are realistic, we can add for discussion with the developers.

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