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PS4/5/Xbox | Trans-Nation eSports powered by DrinkAlchemy registrations!

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We're back this time we're in powered by our new major sponsor DrinkAlchemy and we're working on getting their hard work repayed by bringing them the best racing possible and we've already delivered with 2 No-Assist Tiers and 3 (soon to be 4) assist tiers. We also have a successeful regional regime going with two regionals (Europe and United States) producing a full lobby each day for their respective days of racing (even Europe is opening an extra day the influx is incredible). 

We are going to be very soon racing once a day all week and that is amazing to see for a league that started four years ago as a means of salvation against the open lobby madness. There has been hardships and heartache along the way but in four years we have generated a lot and want to give it back. So we are looking to try and get back a lot of our structured plans from Season 6 to get 6 tiers from each division for a whopping 12, now this is ambitious I understand and we have already begun Season 7 but our influx of drivers turning up allowed us to create a mixed 4th tier and we'd like to try and get another two mixed tiers in with enough influx to shuffle them around into Season 8 on F1 2021 (when its released) to create obviously more tiers in both assists and no assists. 

So at the moment we require only 5 more drivers to complete our mixed tier 4 series that will start tomorrow (Sundays) 9am NZDT which is 7am AEST, (6am Queensland), 3pm Eastern Standard time on Saturday nights, 9pm Central European time on Saturday nights and 8pm British time on Saturday nights. 

Once we complete that, we'll immediately open up our registrations for Mixed assist tier 5 and carry on till numbers start to slow down.

To join simply follow this link: https://discord.gg/cQuVuJzzxz

Then head to the #tier-4-registration room and fill out the template *You will know when Mixed Assist Tier 5 appears when that room name changes in correspondance

So come and be a part of this ever-growing league powered by an equally ever-growing brand as DrinkAlchemy as we embark on bigger things

(Oh and we're also on route towards a PC League the discord link for that is here: https://discord.gg/RQ3xB9KcGE )


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