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Career mode: car improvements and setups

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Hello everyone,

I have my own list of setups that are crafted for my driving style and for race situations that I usually use in online and league racing but suitable for grand prix and career modes.

At the 3rd season in career mode I decided to join Mercedes as I wanted to be able to be a championship contender.

But I realized that my setups do not perform well anymore. Understeer when entering a corner, lack of traction, poor stability... I find the car almost undrivable.

Could it be because aero improvements are too much? Should I run lower aero? Does more aero impact the rake height so I should increase height?

Did somebody else get the same issue? I am a lot into setup knowledge and know what the parameters do but I cannot figure out what should I modify to get the car driveable again.

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There is a section on here that is pinned it is questions to the bloke who designs car stuff o maybe if you foiiow that up , it talks about the setups for the AI that run in 4 4 , 4 5 aero and other stiff like running tyre pressures at 0 psi all round. This is all talked about in a video on YouTube by one of the Redbull E sports team members so they must have been given the information. I don't know if you make set ups like in the way that the top Time trial runners use but they seem to favour running the front of the car higher than the rear with little aero front and massive amounts at the rear. If you don't already make setups like this maybe you should look there to recover some control over your better developed car.

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