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Ranked Online Invite Error


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I play on Xbox and find that the "invite friends" button does sometimes appear but literally for a second, then disappears again. Everyone else I play with says the same, there doesn't seem to be any pattern, it just comes and goes.

Is this a known bug? While in the lobby you need to hammer the X button continuously in the hope that it comes up, otherwise you miss it and then the race starts and you have to wait until after the next one to invite friends. Doesn't make any sense. 

Also when you first get put into a lobby on your own, as always because there are no other S drivers about, the Invite button never appears until AFTER a track is chosen. But you can't choose a track on your own, it forces you to wait until someone joins. So I'm in a lobby, in a party with someone I'd like to race against, but can't get past that screen because I'm on my own and there are no other matched drivers out there, so we're stuck. 

Finally if you invite a friend to join a lobby but they are already in one, instead of them being able to accept and jump across, it just fails and doesn't do anything. they have to quit to main menu and be on standby IN CASE the Invite button decides to re-appear, which it may or may not do. Baffling.

Any update on:

I'm S rated safety and can never find a lobby. Why does it not allow the option to drive at a lower safety to get a good group together? Not everyone would want this perhaps, but I'd much rather have a decent grid of B+ drivers than wait 20 mins to race against one other S driver

Why do corner cutting penalties hit safety rating so hard? I did a race in Canada in the wet where I had no penalties to the actual race time during the session, made no contact with other cars, and yet my safety decreased by 20%. This really annoys a lot of drivers and means some don't bother trying to build safety because they know they will lose it all when another driver runs them wide. Penalise race time if people are getting unfair advantage, but its not the same as dangerous drivers who send it into every corner.

Illegal over takes when going past the car that spun off and re-joined the track, yes there was a yellow flag but if someone is rejoining but driving slowly off the racing line, that should not count as an overtake and you shouldn't be penalised for going past them. Had this happen a few times and especially at starts where all hell breaks loose and you're just avoiding collisions.

Cross-play.... don't need to explain that one


p.s. this is my first post, please don't shout if its in the wrong place

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