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F1 Rookie League

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this is a league for plays who play between the difficulty of 60% - 90% on career mode

discord link: https://discord.gg/YRMHGSjRAg (this link will expire after 50 members join, though we only need 20)

Several beginning driving aids are turned off or set to medium, there is no ers, fuel, pit, or start assist. TCS and ABS are on, though TCS is medium

corner cutting is strict and weather is dynamic, there is no prerequisite to join, just come on down and have some fun!


If the Link does not work, add me on discord and I'll send you a link! Zench#5302

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Hey I'm starting a beginner racing league on ps4/5 for f1 2020 feel free to join and race. lots of full time drives available. Races will be 8 am to 10 am GMT on Saturdays times to be finalised. We are looking for competitive clean racers for the league. FEEL FREE TO JOIN HERE... https://discord.gg/nMKDrwz4(


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