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what is going on with the lobbies?????


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Hello Barry and all. I try to explain my issue following the template:
ISSUE: after driving in the weekly event this afternoon at 16:00 cet, I opened an unranked lobby to invite my friends to practice and qualify in Abu Dhabi. This had worked perfectly a week ago; yet today first people could not enter my lobby and then I found myself completely unable to join any other lobby myself. The issue sseems to be F1 2020 - specific because in F1 2019 I can join unranked lobbies (didnt try ranked yet)




WIRED CONNECTION (ETHERNET CABLE), 300M download, 30 MB upload, ping 8ms

AMOUNT OF PLAYERS: technically only 1 (me, the host) since no one could ever fully join in; 7 persons tried to join in; no one succeeded

WAS I THE HOST? Yes when it first occurred; no when it continued to occur later

THE ISSUE HAPPENED TO EVERYONE; they reported to me that they were stuck in the joining process and I myself found myself stuck in the joining process later

WHAT DID THEY SEE? When I tried to join they saw my name with the circle-like item on the right, they saw my flag but not my chosen logo (currently "We race as one" rainbow, now changed to F170); When I tried to join I was stuck in "joining, please wait" until I finally got the message after a minute or two that the session could not be joined

CAN I MAKE THE PROBLEM HAPPEN AGAIN? Unfortunately yes, whenever I try to join a game since 17:00 this afternoon I cannot; be it ranked lobby or unranked, the sessions cannot be joined no matter what

I do not have a report code from the first time it happened because it happened to others - the failing to join the session does not generate any error code in itself when it occurs to me

No videos have been made; the issue has never occurred before (maybe as a consequence of version 1.16????)

Please help me. I am the co-organiser of a league and we were very pumped for qualifying in Abu Dhabi and instead it became a real mess, which was not nice. 

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