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Calling all Fanatec Xbox users: PROOF that additional wheel inputs can be achieved!!!


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5 hours ago, Kpi10Baras said:

Hello guys. 

I've also been told about MS limitations. 

In my opinion, all is in MS hands...


@Kpi10Baras - thank you for sharing, interesting stuff.

This is progress in itself - before they used to tell us Microsoft limits inputs, i.e. it couldn’t be achieved… Logitech G923 changed all that… but also the knowledge in the community that Logitech developed the software to do it has changed the game, and means Fanatec can’t hide behind crappy reasoning.

In my mind, that’s pretty much conclusive proof Fanatec didn’t want to do anything before - hard to believe it wasn’t possible and now all of a sudden there’s 2 options including a MS recommended method? It’s quite likely the “non-recommended” method (whatever that means - probably MS unapproved) has always been available.

Interesting they say “have to and want to” follow the recommended method, but then mention Logitech using a non-recommended method. So they admit another option is available - so clearly they don’t “have to” follow the recommended option…

You can probably guess I have little faith in Fanatec and that response sounds like they’re trying to buy time and taking the “option” to make more excuses further along the line - they will probably now hide behind the “complexities of the developing Microsoft recommended method” excuse… 😂

If the option of a non-recommended method is there, I can’t see why they don’t take it because it would be 100% in their control and quicker to market. If they go for the MS recommended option it will probably be more headaches - because surely the MS recommended option would include an approval for something from them in there.

If my understanding of what LogiUK said earlier is correct, and you can code additional inputs directly between the game and the device - this is surely the better option as it also bypasses any issues arising from platform code changes that MS makes, if the recommended option includes some code which might need to use the platform in some way (likely). Fanatec will probably have to then update their code and get it approved every time MS code is changed.

Perhaps my understanding of the situation is not correct and I’m wrong - would love to be corrected if anyone knows better.

Will be interesting to see what the situation is in a few month’s time.

Keep pressing Fanatec people! 🖖🏽

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On 6/18/2021 at 1:27 AM, TrippulG said:

I mean, I'm happy to write an email or two to whoever, but I don't know that I'm the person who should be spearheading something like this. Has anyone looked into or thought about starting some sort of online petition (e.g. change.org) that gamers could get behind?

I looked into doing a change.org petition a while ago (before I got my PS) - the process of creating one is simple.

At that time, without really knowing who to target it didn’t make sense to do it - I felt it was better to continue to push for more understanding of the SDK process and get that out there.

Rather than a petition Fanatec and Microsoft separately, it is possible on change.org to do a joint petition to them both - “enable additional inputs and rev light functionality of Fanatec wheels on Xbox” or something like that.

I know these petitions have an end date, but it wasn’t clear how far we can extend that for to get as many signatures as possible - the Fanatec Xbox user base is small (the main reason I think why nothing has been done) and because of this we’ll need time to get every signature possible to stand a chance.

So someone will need to post the link to as many forums as possible (Codemaster - F1 and Dirt rally, Fanatec, Microsoft, ACC, other effected games forums where there might be affected users), it will also need to be copied into as many existing posts on the topic as possible on those forums - whoever does this runs the risk of spamming and getting accounts frozen. I’ve got to be honest here, I did this with my posts on my findings about the SDK process on CM F1, Fanatec and MS forums and the engagement rate is fairly low and slow.

Off the back of the petition, I don’t know what effort might be required.

If somebody is willing to pick this up that would be good and I’ll gladly support and promote it, even though I am on PS now.

Having said that, it sounds as if something is happening and it might be worth trying to clarify what is going on with Fanatec and giving some time to see where they are, before starting a petition. 

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