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Posts being deleted or hidden on /dirtgame Reddit?

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Hi, I am noticing this issue the second time now, one of the videos or links I have posted on /dirtgame is not showing up in reddit under /new   and often not under /hot down the list either.

I am not getting any help or response from the moderators there, so I am asking here before emailing Codemasters about the issue.

Sample post:  https://www.reddit.com/r/dirtgame/comments/lrf4tr/did_i_miss_a_cut_d_nz_elsthorpe_sprint_reverse/


What exactly is going on, am I being targeted or is there some special filter?  None of the posts mentioned are violating any rules or are controversial in any way.


EDIT: Resolved for now by a moderator, some automatic system issue.

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