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Suzuka 100% dry race strategy?

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Hi there,
I'm uncertain about pit stop strategy for a Suzuka 100% dry race, I will start with (M) from P2. Both Hamilton (P1) and Verstappen (P3) used my same compound in Q2. 

According to the race predictions the fastest strategy looks like [1] (M)->(S) with 1 pit stop at the 30th lap ending the stint at 70% and 73% which is quite high. I'm not worried about that, I'm usually quite gentle with the tyres, I expect to save 10-15% at least, but I'm not so sure it will really be faster than a [2] (M)->(H) with pit stop at the 22th lap, altough it's calculated 9 seconds slower. Besides if any of the AI (Ham-Ver) would use this [2], it may be ahead at 15 laps to go and overtaking may be not so easy around this track.
Even a [3] (M)->(M)->(S) may work, it's calculated 7 seconds slower than [1], but same issue for overtaking.

If you have any tips please share :classic_smile:


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Thanks to both :classic_smile: I will start with a strategy (M) -> (H) at lap 22 but I will also check how the feeling is at the end of the stint together with the wearing percentage and “where” I’m supposed to rejoin the track, because the fight with Hamilton and Verstappen may be tight.

Will let you know how things will go!

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Hi there, here I am with the results and how the strategy worked in my race:

I was going for a (M)-(H) pit stop after 22 laps. I started (and kept) P2 behind Hamilton who was perhaps slightly faster with high fuel but did some mistakes especially in the last corner. For 20 laps I have been between 1 and 2 seconds, always out of DRS range (reached in lap 21-22), I entered the box 0,8 s. behind and made an easy undercut: Hamilton pitted 2 laps later and rejoined the track 2,6 s. behind me on (H) too. I was faster at this stage, I extended the gap up to 5,4 s. to lose back something at the end, a bit in control, but I think it would have been pretty hard to overtake him on track. BTW Toto Wolff would have never allowed my undercut (I'm Bottas)! :classic_biggrin:

Curious to know how a (M)-(S)-(S) would have worked instead, Verstappen tried it with pits after laps 29 and 42, but it was stuck behind Ricciardo (who overtook him at the start) in the first 17 laps losing around 12 s. from us. Then always faster but unable to overtake Hamilton before lap 42, while in the last stint was simply too far, just good enough for the fastest lap of the race.


It looks we had also other strategies: (S)-(H) of Ricciardo which probably didn't pay off since he was in P3 after the first lap. Pit after 17 laps.
The (S)-(S)-(M) of Albon took him from P7 to P4 but I didn't follow his race, so I cannot be sure, perhaps he was just faster than the others, in any case he has gained positions. Pits after 14th and 31th laps.
As last, plenty of (S)-(M) with pit after 18-22 laps.



All in all I think (M)-(H) was a very good strategy, fast enough and with the best track position possible :classic_cool:


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