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Logitech G920 and F1 2020 problems


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I have recently been getting problems with my Logitech G920 and F1 2020, only with F1 2020, other games work good.

The wheel can suddenly flip out in the middle of a race, works great until it happens, the resistance in the wheel disappears and the wheel slowly starts going left without me doing anything. I unplug the wheel and have to restart F1 2020 to get it working but after like one lap it happens again. I've reinstalled Logitech software without any progress and since other games work fine, this seems to be related to F1 2020.

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Hey there!

I am currently facing an (probably force feedback) issue with my Logitech G920 and F1 2020 that makes it almost impossible for me to play at the moment.


1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here:

The wheel is constantly turning/rotating on its own and sometimes has a complete right lock (the wheel is always trying to fully turn to the right even when I'm in the box). The interesting thing about it is that it only happens when force feedback is enabled in-game. A video about this strange behavior should be attached to this post. It is important to note that I took my hands off the wheel as soon as the car enters the straight (at about 0:03). Since I was not sure if this is a bug of the wheel, its driver, or the game, I also installed F1 2017 where the wheel and force feedback works perfectly fine. I also tried some other simulations (Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator) that are both working fine with the wheel. This leads me to the conclusion that there has to be a problem with F1 2020 (and my wheel).

I maybe also have to say that the problem started showing up after reinstalling windows a couple of days ago (sadly).


2. Platform: 



3. What version of the game you are using:

1.16 (latest steam version) - DX12 edition.


4. Game-mode? 

Every game-mode is affected.


6. What troubleshooting have you attempted?

I tried reinstalling Logitech Gaming Software. Since that didn't solve the problem, I started using Logitech G-Hub. Sadly, G-Hub is unusable for me as I have no force feedback in any game. That forced me to switch back to LGS (always had this problem). I also tried reinstalling F1 2020, deleting the hardware_settings_config file, using another USB port for my wheel, and reinstalling my G920.


7. What peripherals are you using?

I am using a Logitech G920 with the basic pedals.


8. Any screenshots or video of the issue? 

I will attach an in-game video about the problem as well as my current force feedback and driving assist configuration (all of them are in german - my apologies). 


PC Hardware & Software (if necessary):

CPU: Ryzen 3900x

GPU: ASUS 2080oc

MB: MSI X570 Gaming Edge

Wheel: Logitech G920


Windows: 10.0.19042

Logitech Software: Logitech Gaming Software 8.82 (8.82.151)


Thanks in advance!




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Thanks for the answer.

I tried those steps, but they sadly didn't solve my problem.
Using Logitech G-Hub removed my force feedback bug, but that's because G-Hub completely removed any sort of force feedback.
Also tried the mentioned SDK from Logitech (Steering Wheel SDK Demo), but each force type is always marked as "off" (I will attach an image of it).



Edit (03.03.2021):

I reinstalled Logitech Gaming Software as I was not able to solve my force feedback problem with G-Hub. As soon as I have LGS installed, force feedbacks works perfectly fine (except F1 2020) and the Logitech Wheel SDK Demo also detects force feedback (see image):



Edit 2 (03.03.2021):

I think I found a stable solution to my problem or at least the source of it. The LGS version I had installed was 8.82.151 from 2016, while the newest version was 9.02.65 from 2018. The reason why I had an older version installed is that the older version is listed above the newer one (don't ask me why). I now have the latest version of LGS that works great with force feedback in F1 2020 and all other games.

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I’d just like to add to this that LGS is a final version. There are no plans to update it.

GHub is Logitech’s preferred platform going forward - notably G923 and Accuforce.

The FFB dll in GHub is exactly the same as in the final LGS at time of writing. The software is known not to coexist well and you should use an uninstaller to remove LGS before a clean install of GHub.

I expect these legacy wheels to be tested with GHub only and you should look to Logitech when reporting issues in the first instance.

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