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Couldn't recover vehicle. Is it a bug or am I playing it wrong?

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Hello, everyone, 

I'm new to Dirt Rally 2.0 and love it! But last night was a big disappointment for which I feel I can only partially blame my inept driving. I got disqualified twice from challenges because I was not moving or facing the wrong way (my fault) and neither would the the "recover vehicle" button work nor would I get reset on the road automatically.

It first happened in the Group B 4WD monthly challenge during the 21st of 27 stages (!) which almost made me cry as I helplessly hammered the "recover vehicle" button. I had crawled my way up to the top 20% by then and was devastated. 

And see the attached video to see what the end to my daily challenge, only minutes later, looked like in the replay, moments before disqualification. 

I'm playing on Xbox Series S with controller and button prompts turned off. 

Is there anything I can do to avoid this from happening other that stay on the road at all times?

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